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Re: [[IP] How does the doctor test for.......]

email @ redacted wrote:
I was wondering how does the doctor test you for Gasteoperisis( I know my 
spelling of this is probably not even close!!!! :)  I seem to be having many 
of the symptoms that people on the list have talked about.  I am due to see 
my endo  July 7th and am planning on discussing the problems I have been 
having.  I know it could always be something else but I would like to know 
more about this test.  
          Cheri :) 

          When I was tested for this, I had to fast from mid night and then
was given an anesthesia, which they say you are not asleep, but I have no
memory of what happened during the procedure. They insert an instrument with a
microscope at the end to look into your stomach. Usually, if you have
gastropareses, you will have undigested food in your stomach still. I am not
sure if this is the way they do this test for everyone,I also had other
problems, so they did the upper and lower G.I. on me at the same time. It was
not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was sleepy most of the day, but
never experienced any pain what so ever. Hope this helps.

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