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Re: [IP] (Fwd) Glucose Sensor -also, anyone go to Animus implanted sensor presentation?

_The new gizmo is not a consumer device. it is intended for sale to
_Dr's. It has no readout, and must be used in a physician setting. You
_take the gizmo for a few days and wear it, the doc downloads the data
_and makes a printout. It won't interface to any pump in the near

It seems like this is a good diagnostic device for doctors, but has no
practical use for patients. I already know my blood sugar isn't as good as
I think it is from minute to minute - I don't need two infusion sets and a
doctor to tell me that! Does anyone know why Minimed isn't making a device
for consumers yet?

P.S. -did anyone go to the presentation in Wilmington by Animus (for the
new pump and the implantable sensor)? If it's legit, this sounded to me
like HUGE NEWS. Wouldn't everyone want an implanted, optical device that
lasts five years instead of disposable ones we have to jab into ourselves
every few days (and are therefore subject to the common troubles of
infusion sets, I presume) attached to yet another gadget to clip to our
belts? I'm not a big fan of the "perpetual spending" approach to diabetes
management, and the Animus device at least sounds like a step away from
that. I'm also curious to know what the new pump looks like.

(p.s.-michael, I couldn't erase your sigfile, below) -Peter

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