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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #216

In a message dated 6/17/99 6:15:14 AM EST, email @ redacted writes:

<<   I 
 could never understand how they came to their conclusion that syringes were 
 not covered but insulin was and here is how they explained it (check this 
 stupidity out):  "Syringes cannot be ordered by mail in NYS and ALL of our 
 maintenance medications have to be mail ordered from Merck-Medco in Albany" 
 so I countered that it's not "medication" so why should I have to use mail 
 order? And they told me, " Well, it's medical equipment but not DME so they 
 don't cover that".......now what's wrong with this picture?  We went around 
 and around in circles and never got anywhere.  So here I am 3 years later 
 still paying for syringes for 3 diabetic kids!  But they cover INSULIN!! >>

 Do you live in NY? Why do they insist upon having you only get mail order 
 What syringes are you using for the other 2 boys? I have some left from 
pre-pumping days but I don't know about the laws regarding mailing syringes. 
If you're interested let me know.   Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
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