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Re: [IP] Silhouette Insertion...what direction?

At 10:06 AM -0300 6/16/99, Duck And Barb wrote:
>I think this has been addressed before, but I wonder if I could get some
>input from people who don't bother inserting the silhouette towards the
>middle of the body.  I would like to use the area towards Erica's side,
>but the connector is put in a precarious position if I insert towards
>the bellybutton.  However, if I insert towards her side, the connector
>will still be on the flat side of the tummy.
HI Barb,

I, too, insert only with my right hand, so anything on the right points
toward the navel, anything on the left points away.

I've not had any trouble with it this way, but I have plenty of adipose
tissue on my lower abdomen and I've wondered if that's why I don't feel a
difference. (The couple of times I felt some discomfort on the left side
was right after I read on IP that you're supposed to insert towards the
navel. :-)) I did try inserting them toward the navel on the left side
after reading that, but it drove me crazy when I disconnected for showers;
it was very awkward using my left hand to disconnect, etc.

This sounds--once again--like a YMMV thing, so it probably depends upon
Erica's willingness to experiment (i.e., chance having a site not work).
You might want to wait a few months until set changes are "old hat."

Good luck,


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