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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #216

email @ redacted wrote:
>         You know I thought just our stupid union contract was like this!!  I
> could never understand how they came to their conclusion that syringes were
> not covered but insulin was and here is how they explained it (check this
> stupidity out):  "Syringes cannot be ordered by mail in NYS and ALL of our
> maintenance medications have to be mail ordered from Merck-Medco in Albany"
> so I countered that it's not "medication" so why should I have to use mail
> order? 

Absolutely false. I ordered syringes by mail order in NY for at least 6 years
the last time, (not to mention the other 3 times I'd lived there) and never
had a problem, including both manual syringes and pump syringes. The ONLY 
thing NY requires is that a prescription is on file...............

And they told me, " Well, it's medical equipment but not DME so they
> don't cover that".......now what's wrong with this picture?  We went around
> and around in circles and never got anywhere.  So here I am 3 years later
> still paying for syringes for 3 diabetic kids!  But they cover INSULIN!!  My
> youngest just started pumping about a month ago, so that's one less, but now
> I wonder......they cover pump supplies for him (after 5 months of FIGHTING
> for the pump and supplies) at 100% BUT they STILL won't cover SYRINGES!!!  It
> makes NO sense to me AT ALL!  

With good reason, it's total malarkey!!!!

I had one BRAIN SURGEON at the insurance co.
> ask me," if the three boys could just take the pills instead so that way I
> wouldn't have to buy the syringes, because after all, her FATHER took pills
> and he's fine!" 

Ask if they intend your children die from their malpractice so you can sue them 
for everything they have.... and get personal addresses.......

 Ask me if I wanted to SCREAM?!  It frustrates me even more
> because NY is covered by the Sweeney Law for mandatory diabetic supply
> coverage but because of our union contract coverage WE do not have to be
> covered by this law and they can still refuse syringes......Makes me really
> angry.

Call the insurance commisioner anyway!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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