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Re: [IP] Sydney's Pumpgirl asks........

Cathy Hickey wrote:
> Hi has this happened to anyone else??
> You put shoot the needle part in with the sof-server, into your stomach,
> which is slightly rounded.  WHO called me FAT!. .......Well mine is
> slightly rounded thankyou very much.. Anyway what happens is you then
> pull out the metal needle and 4 to 5 hours later you have " unexplained
> high sugar" and are slightly nauseous.
> Then you decide to change and find that the plastic "needle" has been
> bent and therefore no insulin has been getting in for 4-5 hours.

Yes, I used to have that happen, until I changed to Pureline Comfort sets
(at least in the USA), aka Disetronics Tenders or MiniMed Silhouettes. 
They don't do that since the canula goes in at an angle to the side, so
they stay in pretty much regardless. Besides which the tape pad on the
base holds very well, unlike the joke of stickum tabs on the SofSets.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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