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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #216

In a message dated 6/17/99 2:31:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< The insurance companies expect you to inhale the insulin. When I was on MDI
 I went through the same thing..insulin covered but not syringes..I was so
 mad so I asked them the very same question "how was I suppose to get it in
 me-inhale?" >>

	You know I thought just our stupid union contract was like this!!  I 
could never understand how they came to their conclusion that syringes were 
not covered but insulin was and here is how they explained it (check this 
stupidity out):  "Syringes cannot be ordered by mail in NYS and ALL of our 
maintenance medications have to be mail ordered from Merck-Medco in Albany" 
so I countered that it's not "medication" so why should I have to use mail 
order? And they told me, " Well, it's medical equipment but not DME so they 
don't cover that".......now what's wrong with this picture?  We went around 
and around in circles and never got anywhere.  So here I am 3 years later 
still paying for syringes for 3 diabetic kids!  But they cover INSULIN!!  My 
youngest just started pumping about a month ago, so that's one less, but now 
I wonder......they cover pump supplies for him (after 5 months of FIGHTING 
for the pump and supplies) at 100% BUT they STILL won't cover SYRINGES!!!  It 
makes NO sense to me AT ALL!  I had one BRAIN SURGEON at the insurance co. 
ask me," if the three boys could just take the pills instead so that way I 
wouldn't have to buy the syringes, because after all, her FATHER took pills 
and he's fine!"  Ask me if I wanted to SCREAM?!  It frustrates me even more 
because NY is covered by the Sweeney Law for mandatory diabetic supply  
coverage but because of our union contract coverage WE do not have to be 
covered by this law and they can still refuse syringes......Makes me really 

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