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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #216

My son received his pump and the supplies but they forgot to send the IV prep 
and the iv3000 tape. I call the insurance company who tells me I have to call 
the medical supply company who authorizises it, I call them and they tell me 
to call the Insulin infusion specialities who told me they have to call the 
medical supply company. By the 4th phone call I could have screamed. So I'm 
getting 3 packages (he called them samples )each of the needed supplies from 
infusion comp. I called back medical supply company and they said they would 
send that out to me. I could have screamed as I didn't know until yesterday 
we were supposed to have those 2 things also and he starts pumping on Friday. 
UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. But we're getting them. Also when I called my insurance co 
I asked if thre was a limit to the monthly strips -I mail order and can get 3 
months worth at a time-and they said you have to call the mail order. Gone 
are the days you deal with the insurance company alone. I wont complain too 
much as they have been good to deal with 95% of the time.

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