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Re: [IP] Re: what supplies to carry around

>>From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
>>Nope, it's a federal law that any diabetic may purchase insulin
(except Humalog) and syringes over the counter. They can require ID
and a signature, but not a prescription.>>
(snip! snip!)
 ...>>It is simply a lack of education on the part of the pharmacists.>>....

Calls to Walgreen's and Osco in Illinois (Chicago and outside of Chicago) on
6/16/99 confirmed that one must have a prescription to purchase insulin
syringes. I am interested in knowing the federal law  referred to, when it
was enacted.
    As it is, regardless of the law, this is the reality we will deal with
if we show up in an RX-demanding state and try to buy syringes.
     We seem to be developing a list here of which states won't sell you
syringes, and in some cases, insulin without an Rx. It would be a practical
tool to have a list of all 50. So far, I've gleaned:
Michigan, Kentucky, Oregon, California = OTC
Illinois, New Jersey, New York,North Carolina, and Massachusetts= Rx
Pennsylvania = RX everything.

I will soon have reason to visit Minnesota. Does anyone know the policy


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