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Re: [IP] gushers?

At 11:05 AM -0800 6/16/99, Michael wrote:
>> ok
>>  i start pumping soon, what warning do you have about gushers? where
>> should i specifically avoid? is it when it starts bleeding? Amy
>Don't worry about it. It simply happens once in a great while. The
>warning is more to keep you from freaking out when it happens. Lily
>has had maybe 2 -3 in 4 years of pumping. Just sop up the blood with
>a tissue and apply pressure til the bleed stops.

I agree with Michael. It's quite rare (for me: 1 in 3.7 years of pumping).
It just helps to know that it *could* happen. I now make sure I have a
tissue nearby (a tiny square soaked in IV Prep is pretty useless. :-))

Paul, it is akin to the bleeding one might get after some shots, but just a
lot more blood. And I don't think there would be a lot more blood if you're
prepared, grab a tissue, and apply pressure.


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