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Re: [IP] 2 year anniversary!! HELP!?

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad day :-(  I have lived with
gastroparesis too. It was the reason I started on pump 20 years ago. I'm not
sure but I think what the CDE was trying to tell you  it does  helps your
gastroparesis if you eat 4-6 small , mostly liquid meals, watch your fat and
fiber intake because they slow the gut too. You must do BLOOD SUGARS, I do
anywhere from 8 to 20 a day if I have a bad day I do more. Its the only way
I know of to get info about how my gut is working, and if I need to turn
pump down or off or turn it up. I have a plan of action that I have worked
out with my GI and diabetic doctors, what to do  ?? sugars going
down/up ---change pump rates, gut pain ---change rates, vomiting---- change
rates or turn off. To learn when or how much or what to do you must kept
records, how do you feel today, BS vs sick, what you did, is it hot or cold,
are you happy or sad or mad. One of the rules I have for me is to turn my
pump down if I get under a100ml, off if its under 75ml then test every 30
minutes and wait until its over 100ml before I turn it back on. I just don't
eat if I start to drop, I slow the insulin down and then I will take in some
liquid; Ensure, Coca-cola, OJ. One more thing if you turn pump off remember
that it can take a few hours before insulin levels are up and working so if
you start to go high wait for some time before you take more insulin, I need
to wait about 3 hrs, then if it stays high I take more insulin.
    If your rates are set right and you are at rest you should have normal
BS. For the last four days I have not eaten anything, just water and a can
of Ensure after I started to go low-I moved some boxes around for camp . I
started back eating today gut is alittle better because of the rest it got.
Denise it sound as you if you are getting it under control, GREAT A1c, watch
the low, act before they get low, and give your body time to right its self,
help it with the low but not to the point that you go high; with the way
your gut works remember that what you have eaten may not work for hours, try
liquids first. It is best that you get the about same amount of cal's every
few hours. When I was working I ate at 6am about 300/400cals then at break
with friends a can of ensure or coke and some cookies about 300/350cal, at
noon it was about 600/700cal (this is my big meal of the day) then at break
again I had ensure or a coke and fruit 300cals, dinner was 450/600cals, pm
snack is milk and fruit. If I didn't need to eat or can't eat, I just turn
down pump and tested more to make sure I stay ok. So remember

                             SMILE AND BE HAPPY

Subject: [IP] 2 year anniversary!! HELP!?

>Well today is my 2 year anniversary of being on the pump! I went to my Endo
>Monday, she says I am doing well on the pump. My last A1C was 6! The one
>to that was 5.6! But, yesterday, I went to the CDE, and she thinks I am not
>doing all that great. She thinks I'm having too many lows and highs. I went
>the pump more for control than freedom, but now I feel really overwhelmed!
>CDE wants me to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks every day!

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