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Re: [IP] Tape over a rapid

>I tried a rapid on my backside yesterday and it was working just fine
>until I accidently pulled it out at 1 am this morning :-(.  I am
>thinking putting tagaderm <sp?> over the rapid might help.  Is there any
>reason this isn't a good idea?  I want to increase usable site area and
>the rapid was real easy to put in where I couldn't put a tender.

Stephanie has used only Rapids for the 15 months she's been pumping, and has
always used a Tegaderm over her sites. I thought of it as a "security
blanket" until now, guess I'll let her keep on using them! To reduce costs,
we get them in quantitites of 100 from a local medical/doctor supply place
(approx. $.50 each, as opposed to $1.00+ at Wal-Mart).

Stephanie has never had any problems removing the tegaderms....

Betsy, Mom of Steph, a 10yo pumper

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