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[IP] Re Frank's Response to "Black Sunday"

Thank you for your reply Frank.  I definitely drank a lot of water throughout 
the game but only about 4 oz. every 1/2 hr.  Definitely "down a quart" from 
what you suggested.
I will bear this dehydration aspect in mind with my next afternoon "hot" 
game.  Also, to add to the exercise information, I talked to my Health Care 
Specialist this morning who reminded me that the liver produces glucose to 
cover exercise.  The same idea as adrenaline is supplied when an emergency 
arises.  What I didn't know or forgot was that when the sugar level is high 
(high varies with the individuals, usually 12.0/13.0 mmol - U.S. multiply by 
18) before the exercise, even more glucose is produced apparently because the 
muscles, etc. think they are not getting enough to cover the activity.  She 
also added that with exercise everyone was a bit different and everyone 
seemed to have to work out "how much insulin, how much food and when" 
themselves, in relation to that particular activity.  She also thought I 
might have started with a bit of a "clog" or perhaps an air bubble which put 
me in the position of starting the game with high BG and it was "downhill" 
from there.  For the game (thanks for asking) we were first overall for the 
day, in spite of my problems.......stubbornness saw me through again.  Thanks 
for your kind words on my handling of the situation, I've been a diabetic 37 
yrs. but there is a lot of newness with the pump...working on the 4th week 
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