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[IP] 2 year anniversary!! HELP!?

Well today is my 2 year anniversary of being on the pump! I went to my Endo
Monday, she says I am doing well on the pump. My last A1C was 6! The one prior
to that was 5.6! But, yesterday, I went to the CDE, and she thinks I am not
doing all that great. She thinks I'm having too many lows and highs. I went on
the pump more for control than freedom, but now I feel really overwhelmed! The
CDE wants me to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks every day! I have a very poor
appetite and a lot of intolerance  to things like protein and lactose. And to
compound the problem, I have gastropareses and autonomic dysfunction. I feel
like I'm in a fight I can not win! Lately, I have been skipping meals, mostly
lunch to see the effect and find out if my basal at the time was correct. I
had pretty good results here. Well yesterday during my appt with the CDE, I
had a severe hypo! I was 30 and they sent in the troops!LOL Pumped me full of
glucose and got me a turkey sandwich. They made me wait about an hour and test
til I was over 100. Boy did I feel stupid! I think I'm doing much better on
the pump than I was on MDI. I would really like some help and suggestions
here. Does anyone have similar problems and can they be overcome, or am I in a
no win situation? Do I dare tell the CDE, that I just can't follow such a
strict regimen? Thanks for listening. I guess I had better go eat my snack
now! (GAG)
dxd 1971
pmpg 6/97

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