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Re: [IP] tubing empty after shower

Michael I think this is bad advice. Yes you could hold the pump in the air
to fill the end of the tubing.  BUT after you connect up, you would have to
keep the pump in the air.  If you lowered it, then the tubing would be less
distended and it would take several pump clicks to refill the now less
distended tubing.  Thus your bod wouldn't get the bolus you thought you
gave.  This would self correct once the tubing reached its normal size, but
your first bolus would be in error.   I suspect that the problem from (i
forget who posed the query) arises because he/she let the tubing end hang
low when disconnected.  Then when it was raised to pump level, the insulin
ran back in and left an air bolus at the time.
The best thing to do is to just keep the pump running as you also said.
But when you do this, the catheter tip should be at about the same level as
the pump.

> once again! Anyhow, every single time that I have, I notice that
> after my shower, if I bolus before reconnecting, nothing comes out.
> How come it empties so much? How do I prevent this from happening
> when I'm on insulin?
>>>>>>>>>you bolus a little before reconnecting. Some straight foward physics
explains why it happens, but the easiest solution is usually to leave
your pump running when you take if off if it's only for a short
while. When you reconnect, hold the pump higher than the connection
and the insulin will probably completely fill the tube.
Disconnect and move the pump above/below the end of the tube and
watch the air move in and out.

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