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Re: [IP] Re: steroids!

In a message dated 6/15/99 6:38:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Quite normal for steroids.  Steroids, prednisone for one,
 can make a person diabetic during the term of usage.

		Yes, you are right on this, but just a point to make here, 
sometimes developing diabetes from steroids doesn't stop with the end of 
usage.  In my case I was on steroids for severe asthma (I've been intubated a 
couple of times) taking the prednisone for several years straight.  (on and 
off for the past 9 years but on it for 5 straight years during that time) and 
now I have type 2 permanently.  I stopped the steroids over a year ago and 
I'm still diabetic.  My endo ( who also treats my 3 kids with type 1) said 
that sometimes this does happen and not just with very long term usage like 
mine.  If you are predisposed to type 2 (my mother was type 2), because of 
heredity, becoming diabetic from steroid usage can happen.  Just something to 
watch for if it runs in your family.  In my case, the long term usage was a 
matter of life and death.  It was either take the steroids or not breathe 
(literally).  In a way I feel like I jumped from the frying pan into the 
fire, but it can happen, so watch carefully even after finishing the steroids.
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