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Re: [[IP] Chronic Anemia]

Thanks to all of you that responded to my question about chronic anemia.  I 
had an endoscopy Monday and the dr. said that I had bleeding in my upper 
stomach.  Unfortunately, I was unconscious when he talked to me so I really 
don't know any details.  Get this, they said they were going to sedate me a 
little--I was totally out.  It was irritating when they told me the dr. 
talked to me in recovery--Great, I was unconscious.(LOL)  
Anyway, I don't believe I could have bleeding in my upper stomach for 5 years 
and never pass blood.  I also haven't had any pain?  Does this make sense to 
anyone?  When I find out something in more detail, I will let you know.
Thanks again for your input.  It really helps to hear from others who have 
this.  ellen
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