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Re: [IP] "Black Sunday"

Carol,  Was your bowling game very competitive?  If it is, the excitement 
could raise your bg alot.  I was running 5 miles 4X/week (I've cut it to 2X 
now).  I had pretty much figured out how much carbs to eat and how much 
insulin to take.  This became a routine thing for me.  However, when I 
entered a race, and followed the same routine, my bg skyrocketed.  I had to 
take alot of extra insulin because I guess the excitement of the race caused 
my bg to go up.  I thought that by running in alot more races that my 
excitement would diminish and my bg would remain lower.  Not so!  I ran a 2 
mile race a couple of weeks ago--a short race, no big deal.  I had slightly 
injured my foot so I was very relaxed, not caring what my time was.  I took 
more insulin in the morning, still started with a bg of 250 and ending with a 
bg of 180--bummer!  I know this isn't as high as you were, but the first race 
I ran I was about 300 and only came down to about 200.  I guess I can't 
control that adrenalin flow.  So, maybe the excitement of your lawn match 
caused the problem.  It makes sense to me.  ellen 
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