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Re: [IP] How to secure 'Tenders'

Not quite a bathroom rug, but a thinning mat that gets thinner with 
each set change.  What I use is the IV3000.  It has some staying 
power, provides a good base to attach the Tenders to, and doesn't 
remove massive amounts of hair when it is pulled free: YHRMV  
(hair removal may vary).

George Lovelace

> The time is getting closer for my pump now and  I was wondering how the
> 'Tender' would stay fixed on my abdomen. I am pretty hairy down there and I
> cannot really see how those little tabs on the Tender will stay stuck very
> long. I'm not worried about pulling out hair when I change the set - just
> having it stay there in the first place. Also, is the hair a potential
> source of infection?
> So..... Gentlemen, what do you do, shave little patches every couple of
> days? or is there something that's really sticky and holds even if you can
> double up as the bathroom rug!?!?
> Paul
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