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Re: [IP] Ketostix

This question has come up before and I knew the answer was in 
the archives somewhere.  So with the new "search engine" Michael 
has installed at the bottom of the main page I looked for 'foil 
wrapped ketostix" and in 1560 milliseconds, 180 milliseconds of 
processor time, it came up with 10 articles mentioning it and I 
found this in one:

Bayer makes the individually foil wrapped KETOSTIX.  They come in
packages of 20.  Their inventory number is # 2640.

> Read your post about foil wrapped ketoxtix.  I tried and tried to find them 
> even call Bayer who recommended a mail order firm, from whom I orderered foil 
> wrapped strips.  No luck!  Got the regular jar of strips which is very 
> wasteful for me.  Only use a few before I have to throw away the rest.  Maybe 
> you can help me to find the foil wrapped ones.  I live in Florida.
>                                                           Ellie

George Lovelace
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