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Re: [IP] Good news on becoming a pump trainer

On 15 Jun 99, at 22:32, email @ redacted wrote:

> Brian,
>     Who did you speak to about this program. Do you have a number for the
> company or whomever you sopke too? I also would like to be a pump trainer.
>  I hope they wouldn't mind my wearing a Minimed:)
>         Thanks for the Info
>              Cheri :)


I  called Disetronic and got the Reps name that does the training in 
this area (NM and AZ).  call this number:  1-800-688-4578 and 
leave a message in the extension 700.  that is the person the 
switch board sent me to if that does not work i'll give you the 
extension of the guy that i talked with today.

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