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Re: [IP] Testing and strips

At 11:22 AM 6/13/1999  Katherine Esposito wrote:
 >That's 210 strips a month, and I don't have any regrets whatsoever! I
 >catch 85% of my approaching insulin reactions before they become
 >debilitating and I catch highs before they wipe me out.
 >What do others do? I see my PA on the 22nd (with what I expect will be a
 >super HBA1C) and I am debating whether to ask for 210 a month.

I have mine set for 200 a month, which allows from 6-7 tests a day. I would 
think that you could use the pump as justification for testing more often. 
Since you can go into DKA much more rapidly than you can when on MDI, 
frequent is mandatory (not optional). In fact, I've been thinking about 
raising the quantity of test strips by one notch next year, just in case.


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