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[IP] a diabetic travelling alone

Carol wrote:

> For the first time in 24 years of having diabetes I am preparing to 
> take a trip alone. Does anyone have experience.  

WOW!!!  24 years!!!  This is a great thing you are doing Carol!!  I hope you 
have a fabulous trip!  I travel frequently, and almost always alone...the one 
thing to remember is TEST TEST TEST..  Bring enough supplies, but don't OVER 
pack, and make sure you have plenty of dex tabs...

send a copy of your itinerary including hotel and flight info. to your 
significant other, your mom, your boss - someone who will worry about you if 
you don't check in, and maybe bring a pre-paid phone card just so you won't 
have to be fumbling for change if you need to make an emergency phone call

Where are you going?  Chances are one of us live nearby!!

Bon voyage!


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