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[IP] something easy you can do for diabetes

Hi pumpers--

The American Diabetes Association has launched this worldwide petition drive in
support of finding a cure for diabetes.  I've never been a huge "advocacy"
person, but I suppose living in DC and working for the government, especially in
health, has motivated me to become more involved.  I even went so far as to meet
with my Representative to demand more funding for diabetes research this past

Anyway, I thought the pump listserv would be a good place to raise awareness
about the campaign, although many of you may already know about it from Diabetes
Forecast or perhaps your own advocacy work. 

The goal of the campaign is to collect 1 million signatures by mid-January 2000.
Then they will present them at ADA's Rally for a Cure in Washington, DC in
March.  This will show Congress that finding a cure for diabetes has huge public
support.  Maybe then they'll front up the money we need to get the researchers
cranking on a cure.  (Apparently, from a Congressionally mandated report on
this, if the gov put up $827 million budget for diabetes research this year,
we'd be a whole lot closer to a cure.)

To get 1 million signatures is no easy task.  Many diabetes advocates have come
up with innovative ways to collect signatures, one being on the web.
Apparently, one advocate has a friend who owns a daily Internet joke service.
She asked her friend to mention the petition drive in one of his daily mailings.
So in addition to a joke, the service's 75,000 recipients were asked to sign the
diabetes petition.  The e-mail read "The American Diabetes Association needs a
moment of your time.  The government spends $40 billion EVERY year to TREAT
people with diabetes...but they only spend 1% of that amount trying to find a
CURE.  Isn't that stupid???"  As a result, more than 4,500 people signed the
online petition.  

There's a ton of great information about the campaign and the general advocacy
efforts on the ADA website.  So even if you're completely busy or don't consider
yourself an advocate, it's really simple to just log on to the website and sign
the petition.  The address is:


and it only take a minute to do.  I hope you all will consider signing it and
passing the word on to others!  

(P.S.  I know I sound like a walking billboard for the ADA or something...it's
just that I really believe in what they're doing and hopefully you do too!)
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