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[IP] A1C's

Just got my A1C from my endo yesterday and it was 8.5.  Last one in March
was 8.7.  He says not to let that get me down, because as far as he is
concerned, I am trying to be a perfect diabetic and there is no such thing.
Other tests were fine, thyroid, kidney, cholestrol was a little high but
nothing outrageous.  My numbers seemed to be fairly consistent for the last
three months, with post-lunch running the highest, 3AM, coming in second
with highs, but my fasting, post-breakfast, pre-lunch and post-dinner
usually running normal if not below normal (I was experiencing lows after
lunch and dinner).  I'm trying not to let the 8 get me down, but maybe I am
trying to be  perfect when there is no perfect.  I am underweight, so I am
not overeating, probably just overcorrecting the lows I suffer.  I have been
on the pump for a little under a year.  I thought for sure that I would be
running in the 7's/6's by now.  My last 7 A1C was probably when I was still
on shots right after I was diagnosed.  I haven't had a 7 since.  

I need reassuring.  Can anyone help me?  Thanks, Tamera
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