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[IP] Re: Testing and Strips

My doctor wrote me a perscription for 350 strips a month
and I have never had a problem.  I am still on MDI, but
that shouldn't be a factor.  Does your insurance limit
you at all in the types and number of strips?  Mine lets
my doctor decide.  If she writes 350 Strips, all the 
pharmacy asks me is what kind?  I get them for my Profile
but if I said Accucheck I would get those too.

Note to everyone, I did have a problem with my supply 
company switching their default insulin brand from 
Humalin to Novolin and when my Novolin arrived instead
of the Humalin I had the doctor call up and ride them
on it.  The fact that I am allergic to Novolin insulin
probably helped. :)  They sent me out Humalin right away.
So if you don't like what your supplier is sending you, 
you can call and try to have it switched.  Often it isn't
that your insurance is telling you what strips or insulin
to use, it is the supplier favoring a different vendor. Often
it can be reversed.

-- Sherry
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