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[IP] Testing and strips

My doctor upped my prescription to 150 strips a month, and insurance
blinked a little. But the truth is, I can't test much less than seven
times a day. I test at 6 am, then about 2 hours later because mornings
are very difficult for me ( I don't usually eat breakfast). I test
before lunch, then about 2 hours later. Then before dinner and then 2
hours later, then before bed. THIS IS ON A GOOD DAY.

That's 210 strips a month, and I don't have any regrets whatsoever! I
catch 85% of my approaching insulin reactions before they become
debilitating and I catch highs before they wipe me out. 

What do others do? I see my PA on the 22nd (with what I expect will be a
super HBA1C) and I am debating whether to ask for 210 a month.

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