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Re: [IP] What I want in an infusion set - silhouette problems

> (I see
> redness around the cannula after 2 1/2 - 3 days, and when I take it
> out find a bump that shows pus in a short while.  None of these has
> as yet completely disappeared).  I stopped using softsets because I
> so frequently had discomfort with movement when wearing them.    Any
> suggestions, anyone?
You may be a staph carrier (permanant nasal "friends"). Get tested 
and if so, simply use extra care when changing sites. Wash 
hands and site throughly, don't touch your face (hard to do) until 
you've finished changing your set. Use an antiseptic skin prep.

You might also benefit from an insulin mix if the site is being 
irritated by Humalog.
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