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Re: [IP] depressed ...

Susan,  its the pigging out that did it to you!!!  I've noticed this
myself.  I don't think it had anything to do with sleeping on the infusion
site.  If you pile a load of CHO into your belly, it may take many hours
for the stuff to make itself felt on your BG.  I think it is a combination
of slow food mixing in the gut and the GI enzymes getting saturated when
there is so much CHO.   As an example,  lets say you eat one pretzel with 5
g CHO, and this is completely absorbed in 2 hours.  If you eat 10 pretzels,
it will take much longer to fully digest ALL that CHO.  It could certainly
be hours longer if the amount is big enough.  The absorption time increases
with the amount you eat, AND the time increases out of propotion to the
amount you eat.   Like most things, though, how much pigging you need, and
how long the effect lasts is a big YMMV.
	By pigging out, i assume you mean that you had no idea how much you
ate.  Slap , slap *S*.   When you were 211 before bed,  you surely still
had some undigested CHO in your gut (maybe 100 g or more), and this slowly
was absorbed overnight.  There's not a lot of discussion about this CHO
absorption slowdown when you overload the GI system, but I'm sure it
happens in most everyone.
	Bottom line is that you've got to exercise some control over this
pigging out :-).  Either that, or just keep better records of what you eat,
and make sure to spread the bolus out over many hours.  Or in the last
resort, just do what you did and correct in the morning.  You need to be at
high BG much longer for you to see ketones.

<<<<<<<<<<<Last night I pigged out on snacks - I was kind of concerned
about my sugar
level considering how much I ate.  After about an hour after stopping
eating, I was 114.  I decided to test a few hours later just in case (middle
of the night - I was actually concerned about getting low/overbolusing, not
high) - I was 211, gave a bolus  and went back to sleep.  I woke up at 491 -
the highest number I have EVER had in 17 years of diabetes.  I just want to
scream (and cry).  I had no ketones believe it or not - in fact with all
these high spikes to 300 and 400 I haven't had ketones yet.

My last unexplained high, michael or ted mentioned that I could have been
sleeping on the site in a way that inhibited absorption.  What do others
think about this?  In those first few weeks I wasn't using my behind and now
I use that all the time.  Although I ate a lot of snack type foods last
night, it was very high fast-acting carbs.   I could understand if I had
eaten pizza or something fattening or protein full  - I don't necessarily
always sleep the same way.  491 floored me.  Made my heart race as I
anxiously counted the seconds on a ketostik.
I know it is not the site because after I bolused my way down, I've remained
steady at 115 or so... I think I need to go to the gym and vent all of my
anger ;)  Thanks for listening.
Thirsty, dehydrated and depressed,

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