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[IP] MiniMed set

I have been thinking that two things could be shanged
on the Sils, I don't understand why they have to have
the plug-in so that it is only one sided.  it should be
interchangeable, either way it flips up, I don't know
how many times that I have been trying to re-insert to
find that I had inadvertantly got it thing upside down,
and it just won't fit!  What could the significance be
if it went in either way?  Also, why have a reservoir
that has a square end?  The stupid thing will work as
long as there is a lip there for the arms of the pump
to slip around,  couldn't it be round?  I love changing
the reservoir to have the thing offset ever so slightly
as you push it in to have to pull it out again because
the square end is cockeyed!  Just little aggravations,
sure, but still seem like why is it neccessary at
all.   Just my opinion.
:-)) have a good day.   Laurie B.

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