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RE: [IP] Foil Wrapped Ketostrips

I think I must have missed the start of this 'thread', I assume that we are
talking about Keto-Diastix degrading very quickly once the tube is opened?

There may be a cheaper alternative, this is what I do .....

Sometime ago I assumed that the problem with the degradation of the
Keto-Diastix is the absorption of moisture. I wanted to keep some in my
travel pack and not carry around a 4" long, 1" diameter tube. So I stored
them in a small plastic bag with a small bag of Silica-Gel inside.

Silica-Gel for those who are not familiar with it, is a moisture seeking
substance. There is a small pack of Sorbent in the Keto-Diastix tube, but
this doesn't seem to work for very long.  You should be able to find small
packs of Silica-Gel in Radio Shack as it is used generally to electronic
components moisture free.

I have had test sticks in my travel pack for about 4 months like this and
they still work!


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