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Re: [IP] depressed ...

I went through something very similar to not long after I got hooked up to pump.
About 5 weeks of pumping and having good numbers for the first time in my
diabetic life, I also got a sinus infection and subsequent other infections. I
had a horrible time my bg was swinging all over like it used to when I would
make an adjustment in MDI regimen. I was getting high bg readings for a few days
upper 300's and 400's then for a few days I could not get my bg up and would
suspend my pump for hours. I thought I was losing my mind. I was lucky enough to
have a friend who is a MD and also a pumper explain his theory as to why this
happens, first it has to do with the lack of knowledge you don't have at the
beginning of pumping covering sick days. The other thought he threw out is that
illness affects every part of our body including, vision, muscle control,
digestion etc.. Medicines can do the same. Further he thinks that different
viruses affect are bg differently, for example a uncomplicated sinus infection
for me always lowers my bg, regardless of the presence of bacteria and fever.
Infections of the lungs and urinary track always make my bg high and I have to
almost double my basels. Viruses always tend to make me have low bg upon there
onset with a high bg later it then takes about a week to get back to "normal". I
tend to see the logic in his theory based on what my experience has been.  This
may very well be a total YMMV situation.
I tend to get sad when I am going through this because the lack of control over
this disease makes it more powerful and destructive making us feel helpless. I
know though with diligence and taking the steps to get back in control, control
will come back to you. Take a rest day, treat your DM of course but don't beat
yourself up. Then when you feel a little stronger take back control and your
numbers will get better it just takes a bit of time.
Take Care

email @ redacted wrote:

> The first three weeks for me on the pump was a dream...  But in the last two
> weeks I've had more nightmares than dreams...
> I had a sinus infection which I am sure was the cause of some highs... I had
> an unexplained extremely high sugar one morning... I seem to keep getting
> myself into trouble by temp-basaling or under bolusing for "future" exercise
> and being high by the time we actually start hiking (indecisive and slow
> (physically) friends don't seem to understand that my life requires *some*
> planning)... these are "new" friends - I just moved.  I know in time they'll
> understand I would hope.
> I am just so depressed that my meter average is HIGH again... it's like I am
> right back where I started.  My meter average right now is 211.  A few weeks
> ago it was 140.  What the hell happened?  I was dying to get an A1c
> before... now I am dreading it - I know it'll be worse with all these severe
> highs.
> Last night I pigged out on snacks - I was kind of concerned about my sugar
> level considering how much I ate.  After about an hour after stopping
> eating, I was 114.  I decided to test a few hours later just in case (middle
> of the night - I was actually concerned about getting low/overbolusing, not
> high) - I was 211, gave a bolus  and went back to sleep.  I woke up at 491 -
> the highest number I have EVER had in 17 years of diabetes.  I just want to
> scream (and cry).  I had no ketones believe it or not - in fact with all
> these high spikes to 300 and 400 I haven't had ketones yet.
> My last unexplained high, michael or ted mentioned that I could have been
> sleeping on the site in a way that inhibited absorption.  What do others
> think about this?  In those first few weeks I wasn't using my behind and now
> I use that all the time.  Although I ate a lot of snack type foods last
> night, it was very high fast-acting carbs.   I could understand if I had
> eaten pizza or something fattening or protein full  - I don't necessarily
> always sleep the same way.  491 floored me.  Made my heart race as I
> anxiously counted the seconds on a ketostik.
> I know it is not the site because after I bolused my way down, I've remained
> steady at 115 or so... I think I need to go to the gym and vent all of my
> anger ;)  Thanks for listening.
> Thirsty, dehydrated and depressed,
> Susan
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