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[IP] Silhouette problems

email @ redacted wrote:
> After having no infections in over 6
> months on the softsets, I have had at least 3 with the silhouette in the last
> month and a half (I see redness around the cannula after 2 1/2 - 3 days, and
> when I take it out find a bump that shows pus in a short while.  None of
> these has as yet completely disappeared). 

As a precaution, I've been putting antibiotic ointment on the site when
I remove the cannula. So far I haven't seen any pus -- just a little
tenderness that lasts for about 3 or 4 days -- but I think it has the
potential to develop into an infection or perhaps is a minor infection.
Takes forever to heal, too. 

Maybe you and I are people who really need to change Sils every 2 days,
even though I can go 3 days on a SofSet.

I'm amazed at people who can leave the sets in 5 days or more -- I
wonder if there's a factor of getting used to it, or just that some
people have more sensitive (maybe I should say irritable!!!) skin than


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