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[IP] Retinopathy Drug Test

Thought this might be of interest.

BALTIMORE (Johns Hopkins) - It's an eye-opening discovery.  A new drug,
still in the testing phase, may someday help prevent blindness in
millions of people.

For the moment, the drug is called PKC 412.  In tests on mice, it
completely stopped the growth of new blood vessels in the eye.  It
didn't just slow the process, it brought it to a halt, something no
other drug has yet been able to do.

In people with diabetes, the rapid growth of new blood vessels in the
eye is called diabetic retinopathy.  It can cause blindness.  In some
older people with macular degeneration, abnormal blood vessel growth can
also rob them of normal sight.

According to Johns Hopkins ophthalmologist Dr. Peter Campochiaro, "These
blood vessels grow.  They leak and they bleed and they cause scarring. 
And that scarring detaches the retina.  That's why most diabetics go
blind.  [I believe the doctor means that retinopathy and subsequent
retinal detachment are the prevalent causes of blindness which occurs in
some diabetics.] By preventing the growth of these abnormal blood
vessels, we can save a lot of patients, potentially, from blindness."

By year's end, researchers hope to start clinical trials on people with
diabetes and those who suffer from macular degeneration.

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