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Re: [IP] depressed ...

> Last night I pigged out on snacks - I was kind of concerned about my sugar
> level considering how much I ate.  After about an hour after stopping
> eating, I was 114.  I decided to test a few hours later just in case (middle
> of the night - I was actually concerned about getting low/overbolusing, not
> high) - I was 211, gave a bolus  and went back to sleep.  I woke up at 491 -
> the highest number I have EVER had in 17 years of diabetes.  I just want to
> scream (and cry).  I had no ketones believe it or not - in fact with all
> these high spikes to 300 and 400 I haven't had ketones yet.

It depends of course on just how much you pigged out -- if you ate either a
large volume of food or a lot of fat and carbs or a lot of fat or a lot of fat
and carbs and protein then the absorption of the food was probably delayed.
Even pure carbs, if you eat enough of them, will slow down and most junk food
has at least some fat.  If I overdo it in the evening, I always wake up off the
charts.  Its easy to underestimate on those nights when you are just eating

Hope you feel better!  Hang in there.

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