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Re: [IP] Gushers!

Hi Barb,

You need to get Erica a t-shirt that reads: I survived the GUSHER! :-)

I've been pumping 3.5 years and just had my first one about a month ago (I
know it was pre-gusher talk on IP). I don't have much peripheral vision, so
I was blithely getting the new set ready to insert. Then I looked down to
find a good site and YEOW! I asked my 10-year-old, Logan, to get me a
paper towel and his eyes were pretty darn big. I'm sure mine were too. I'd
completely soaked my shorts' front and underwear, yuck. It's absolutely
amazing how such a tiny hole can produce so much blood.

As fro bruising, I must say, I didn't notice much (I think all the blood
came *out*.) I think I'd just wait until it looks fine.

A gusher and no EMLA, wow, Erica's just moving right along. :-) Give her a
big hug from me!

Hey, you could get Kristen one of those t-shirts too. :-)


(Type I, 26 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
email @ redacted

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