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[IP] Re:set change bolus? and researchers on board

> From: Stephen Woodward <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Set change bolus?
> I am a little surprised by the discussion about bolusing after a set
> change. I have now up or down change with bg when
> I change a set. Stephen Woodward

I think it's yet another situation where everyone's experience is different.  Just count your blessings that it runs smoothly for you the way you're doing it.

> From: "vicki clark" <email @ redacted>
> I am a researcher working on insulin infusion pump systems. I would like to
> be included on this mail list so I can gain an understanding from the user
> perspective of what the issues are with these devices and maybe what the
> 'perfect' pump would be like.

Welcome to the group!  How great that you are taking such an approach to your research!  Unfortunately, many of us have found those who should be familiar with the realities of the pump (endocrinologists, pump reps, etc.) to be woefully out of touch.  There's a lot more to
life with an insulin pump than you'll see in any video or pamphlet, so kudos to you for coming here to find that out.


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