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[IP] Gushers!

Hi Everyone, Erica REALLY wanted me to share this with our IP friends,
she will be asking me tomorrow morning if I sent the e-mail off yet.  It
is funny how people she hasn't met have made such an impact on her/us

I am SO happy that someone brought up the subject of Gushers awhile
back.  Tonight I removed a site from Erica that we had some problems
with.  Absorption wasn't the best, and we were doing a lot of high BG
boluses.  Anyway, after the replacement one was in for about 1 1/2 hrs
we decided to take the old one out. G U S H !!   If I hadn't known about
'gushers' I would have fainted!!  Her sister, unfortunately, did not
know about them (guess I should have shared the knowledge <grin>), and
panicked....frantic that her sister was going to bleed to death while at
the same time repulsed by the blood pouring down her little tummy.
Erica was quite calm, and tried to make a damn with her fingers but it
went over and around the dam.  My husband, who obviously didn't catch
the 'need for speed tone' in my voice was shocked when he casually
passed us a tissue and saw the pool of blood.  Finally it abated,
Kristen (Erica's sister) was calmed down and assured that Erica was not
going to expire, my poor hubbie was still in shock that so much blood
came out so quickly from such a little hole, and Erica and I got a bit
giggly over the whole thing.  I guess we too were in a bit of shock.  We
were coming up with worst case scenarios....like....what if we had taken
it out while we were shopping, or while company was visiting...that sort
of thing.

So, THANK YOU to whoever started the string of postings about Gushers
awhile back..  I think it is one of those things that DEFINITELY should
be mentioned to new pumpers. If I hadn't heard about it, I would be
likely be in emergency recovering from a head wound sustained from a
dead faint LOL!  Erica is proudly sporting a big Tattoo bandaid with a
cougar on it.

I can't remember, is there a minimum amount of time you should avoid the
area that is bruised?  Should the bruising be completely gone and then

Thanks pumpers!
Barb...Erica's mom (p.s..another site change without EMLA..what a proud
kid, she asked if I would tell everyone that too.)

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