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Re: [IP] Question

Not sure if this helps or not.  But over the past year I have had the same
symptoms.  My stomach feel a little upset when I run low and sometimes it is
hard to find anything that doesn't upset it to bring the high back up.
regular gingerale or lifesavers seem to work for me.  but then again YMMV.

On another note, I had a really severe long low on Friday.  I couldn't seem
to get my bg over 45mg no matter how many lifesavers I downed and OJ I
drank.  This low bg lasted about 5 hours and then I dipped again before
dinner.  I had eaten normal breakfast and lunch and typically don't have
many lows in the afternoon.  My bgs had been normal that morning and
everything was typical foodwise.  I am still on MDI and take NPH and R at
breakfast, R at dinner, and NPH at bedtime.  So it was NPH and R lurking in
me when this low occured.  that night my stomach felt fine and I ate a
normal dinner.  the following morning my stomach hurt and through to today I
have not felt hungry at all and everything except gingerale and toast seems
to make it feel upset.  This is the same upset I feel when low.  Any


>> This a.m. he woke for school, showered and dressed.  He told me he was
>> having "chest pains".  (BTW, he is 13, dxed almost 8 years ago, on MDI 4
>> times a day).  He has had these pains before.  He sweats, gets
>> nauseated, has the dry heaves, refuses to eat or drink.  His bs was 74.
>> I tried to get him to sip some juice, or something "fizzy" (with sugar)
>> to bring up gas if this was the problem.  After about 20 minutes of this
>> extreme discomfort, it seems to pass.  He then ate, had his shot, and
>> went off to school.
>> Has anyone else ever experienced these "chest pains".  I suspect they
>> are actually epigastric (high stomach area), rather than truly chest
>> pains.  Could they be related to the low blood sugar?  After some severe
>> lows and seizures, he has had stomach upset, vomiting, etc. Most medical
>> professionals have told me they don't really know what these could be,
>> so I'm asking those of you "in the trenches" who know best!

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