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Re: [IP] Question

Thomas Tarca wrote:
> I have a question that is not directly pump related, but since we start
> pumping in about two weeks I'm hoping that what my son experiences will
> stop once his blood sugars level out somewhat on the pump.
> This a.m. he woke for school, showered and dressed.  He told me he was
> having "chest pains".  (BTW, he is 13, dxed almost 8 years ago, on MDI 4
> times a day).  He has had these pains before.  He sweats, gets
> nauseated, has the dry heaves, refuses to eat or drink.  His bs was 74.
> I tried to get him to sip some juice, or something "fizzy" (with sugar)
> to bring up gas if this was the problem.  After about 20 minutes of this
> extreme discomfort, it seems to pass.  He then ate, had his shot, and
> went off to school.
> Has anyone else ever experienced these "chest pains".  I suspect they
> are actually epigastric (high stomach area), rather than truly chest
> pains.  Could they be related to the low blood sugar?  After some severe
> lows and seizures, he has had stomach upset, vomiting, etc. Most medical
> professionals have told me they don't really know what these could be,
> so I'm asking those of you "in the trenches" who know best!

Sounds suspiciously like my wife's hiatal (sp?) hernia. She gets upset 
stomach and the other symptoms you mention after she hasn't eaten for too
long and/or ate the wrong thing.

What she found works for it is to drink a little water first, followed
fairly soon by some bread to absorb the acid reflux that's paining her.
Pepto-Bismol also helps, I think.

If that's what he has I should think the doctors would have realized it, 
but I could be totally wrong about him having it. Not DM related at all, 
just 1 of those things that some people get.

Ted Quick
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