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[IP] Another set change problem-

At least I'm less stressed because you have all been so considerate.
Anyway I was on the low side when I changed the set. There were no
apparent bubble problems, and I did try bolusing .5 units afterward. A
short while later, around 11 am, I ate a light salad and  bolused 2
units.  At 1 pm, I was really hungry, and my bs was 100. So I ate 2
pieces of bread (42 g. carb) and about 4 tbsp. of low fat low carb
nondairy whipped topping (this has been an experiment to see if I could
manage this- It's really low in both fat and carbs and I did measure it
out). Each tbsp was 2 g carb, so I gave myself 1 unit... Then a half
hour later I gave myself  one more unit for good measure. 

At 3 pm I was 236. Bolused 5 units (maybe not enough???) 
At 4:11 326. Injected 6 units. Thank goodness I have no big plans for

This just does not seem to be a big problem on days I don't change the


I am insulin resistant in the morning. But I didn;t really eat today
until 1 pm.....
Does anybody bolus a lot extra for a meal after changing the set? I was
reluctant to eat right away, because I wanted to see if my sugars were
stable before I ate. The low carb approach seems to work, but I can't
eat low carb all the time.....
Should I eat right away and double the bolus? (Kinda scary for someone
who's had seizures from lows! And how much to add? Do I double
it????????????? And end up in the ER???)
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