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[IP] depressed ...

The first three weeks for me on the pump was a dream...  But in the last two
weeks I've had more nightmares than dreams...

I had a sinus infection which I am sure was the cause of some highs... I had
an unexplained extremely high sugar one morning... I seem to keep getting
myself into trouble by temp-basaling or under bolusing for "future" exercise
and being high by the time we actually start hiking (indecisive and slow
(physically) friends don't seem to understand that my life requires *some*
planning)... these are "new" friends - I just moved.  I know in time they'll
understand I would hope.

I am just so depressed that my meter average is HIGH again... it's like I am
right back where I started.  My meter average right now is 211.  A few weeks
ago it was 140.  What the hell happened?  I was dying to get an A1c
before... now I am dreading it - I know it'll be worse with all these severe

Last night I pigged out on snacks - I was kind of concerned about my sugar
level considering how much I ate.  After about an hour after stopping
eating, I was 114.  I decided to test a few hours later just in case (middle
of the night - I was actually concerned about getting low/overbolusing, not
high) - I was 211, gave a bolus  and went back to sleep.  I woke up at 491 -
the highest number I have EVER had in 17 years of diabetes.  I just want to
scream (and cry).  I had no ketones believe it or not - in fact with all
these high spikes to 300 and 400 I haven't had ketones yet.

My last unexplained high, michael or ted mentioned that I could have been
sleeping on the site in a way that inhibited absorption.  What do others
think about this?  In those first few weeks I wasn't using my behind and now
I use that all the time.  Although I ate a lot of snack type foods last
night, it was very high fast-acting carbs.   I could understand if I had
eaten pizza or something fattening or protein full  - I don't necessarily
always sleep the same way.  491 floored me.  Made my heart race as I
anxiously counted the seconds on a ketostik.
I know it is not the site because after I bolused my way down, I've remained
steady at 115 or so... I think I need to go to the gym and vent all of my
anger ;)  Thanks for listening.

Thirsty, dehydrated and depressed,
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