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[IP] Nice to be validated! :)

Jen Woodall wrote:
> I feel pretty crappy with a bg of 150
> also!  That's actually a good sign, since it means your body is used to "better"
> blood sugars.  Hang in there!!

It's SOOOOOO nice to know someone else feels that way!!

I get pooh-poohed by CDEs who call me obsessive because I want to keep
my BGs in the feel good area (for me, under 180) -- they don't care if
it goes to 300 after a meal, as long as it comes back down again.

But the after-effects of a 300 BG, even if it doesn't last very long,
are so icky for hours afterward, that I just don't want to deal with it!

I LOVE insulin, and I LOVE the pump, because it gives ME the power to
control my DM to MY liking, and not be dependent on people who don't
have a clue what it's like to live with bouncing BGs. 

P.S. my doc was pleased with my A1c, even though it was a bit higher
than pre-pump. I actually think my BGs have been more stable, although
perhaps at a higher average; if so, that's actually an improvement.

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