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Re: [IP] What If???

What happened to your old doctors? This is terrible what you are going through.
I am beginning to wonder if all conditions improve with improved control once
they are set in motion. I realize most feel better from better glucose readings
but it seems stomach damage is not easily reversed or slowed or stopped. I had a
GI doctor who insisted the same better bg better tummy, all my GI problems
according to him were from high bg. Well not really and it is very ignorant.
Unfortunately you are stuck in a educating role for your doctors, I don't envy
you, you know my number if you need me. Diabetes is a culprit and a factor in
many health issues but it is not the cause of all and it's improvement does not
always affect conditions it or other illnesses have caused. Rodney Take Care let
me know if I can help , I am always smiling somewhere....

rodmead wrote:

> Dear Pumpers & Friends,
>         What if?? This has been the week from he** for me. I saw by stomach
> doctor this last week , he tells me to work on get diabetes under control
> and my  gastroparesis will get better..... sure will because I will be dead.
> My last A1c was one of my best at 7.2. It is so much fun to wake up everyday
> and have nausea and vomiting.......or becoming out of a seizure because my
> BS was under 20ml. I almost hit him when he said " You haven't lose any
> weight" da** right I haven't because I lose 35lbs so I started back on the
> mix to put it back on every glass is over 750cal x 8 a day.I have always be
> a big guy 6' 1" and 250lbs. It has been a joy to try to do anything ...
> cleaning up my house and then have BS drop because I can't get food to
> digest and get into blood. Alright I turn pump off to do any work BS goes to
> 500ml. Yes my pump is set right... the last two days I have not eaten
> anything just water BS were 105 to 140ml for 48hours. I just want to  have
> afew good day where I feel like a person again. I wish I had my old Doctors
> back but they are gone now so I will need to work with the new ones. It is
> times like this that I must take care of myself, I just hope that I can
> train the doctors or get them to understand me.......back to my notes from
> the past ....hmm try to go three more days with no food.
>         Well, Camp Floyd Rogers started on Saturday, I had to get other
> people to take supplies down to camp because I just didn't have the strength
> to do it. I got to meet two kids on pumps at camp, I miss meeting the other
> 8 people. I hope to meet them later this week.
>         Other things....someone ask about old supplies well I found some for
> the AutoSyringe ...drop me a note I can send them out to you........Auto-off
> it can be alife saver .... I live alone , my pump is set to stop at 8
> hours...so if I over sleep  it will stop ........Supplies.... I have a ER
> bag made up with me so I can do a BS..meter, lancet, strips,....pump
> changes.. syringe, infustion set, alcohol, hibistat, insulin & syringe....
> and glucose tablets...money for call or food.      What pump to use.....
> get the one that meets your needs because you have to live with it .... not
> your doctor.  ..... Laura....remember to.......
>                         SMILE AND BE HAPPY
>                                         Rodney
> ps: Glenn are you still around? I tried to write it was returned.
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org