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Re: [IP] Saline or Not

    My 16 yr old daughter ( who was then 13) also went straight from MDI to 
the pump - but in retrospect, part of that decision may have been 
attributable to her FORMER ped. endo not knowing enough about the pump, to 
even know that's what others were doing!!!....nonetheless, we managed fine 
thanks to the staff at Home Medical in Florida from whom we'd received our 
pump. Seemed like everyone I spoke to on the phone  was already a pumper & 
therefore their advice, experience, helpful hints, etc. were far far more 
credible getting us through that first weekend than was the ped endo who just 
gave the pump trainer a blank look when the trainer asked if Melissa's basals 
& boluses had been established...Uh oh..you know that sinking feeling in the 
pit of your stomach???....Hubby & I later concurred that this physician 
didn't have a CLUE, but wasn't about to admit it either! Bottom line: you'll 
note I wrote "former ped-endo"! 'Nuf said!!

Regards, Renee
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