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[IP] Re: the body freaking out about a fast drop in bg

> From: email @ redacted
> the body freaks when you lower it too much too fast and releases more and more
> counter regulatory
> hormones.  Your body does NOT know that your drop in blood sugar is going to
> stop when you  stop the insulin.   the body sees that
> as a CRISIS and dumps in glucagan, growth hormone, cortisol,
> adrenalin.....and you get on that roller coaster...
> Sara

I was interested to read this and so decided to treat a bedtime high of about 250
the other night with a 1 unit bolus, followed by a 2-hour increased temporary
basal rate (I have a 506).  I woke up at 118 and felt fine, so I may try that from
now on.  Seemed to work really well.

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