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I don't find set changes stressful, but I did at first.  I always have a significant
rise in bg after a set change.  It took a bit of trying different things, but what
has worked for me is to add a bolus when I change sets.  Mine is 4-6 units, depending
on the day--no consistency!  Someone from the list suggested leaving the old set in
for a few hours after the set change, to allow the insulin from the old set to be
absorbed.  That didn't seem to make a big difference for me.  I simply need
additional insulin when I change sets.  Work with your doc a little--maybe what you
need is more insulin via temporary basal rates for a few hours.

Remember too that stress itself can cause a rise in blood sugar.  Look for a solution
to the rise, which should also eliminate some stress.  Skipping meals because you are
stressed out is probably not such a hot idea!  I feel pretty crappy with a bg of 150
also!  That's actually a good sign, since it means your body is used to "better"
blood sugars.  Hang in there!!


> > Does anyone else find that set change day (or reservoir change day) is
> > stressful? Sometimes it seems that there are absorption
> > problems initially which go away after a few hours.
> I may not eat tonight, because I am even more stressed out when my bedtime sugars
> are bad.
> >I wish I wasn't so obsessed with this, but I feel so sick with BSs
> > above 200.
> > KAthy

> From: "Carol Wasson" <email @ redacted>
> For the first time in 24 years of having diabetes I am preparing to take a
> trip alone. Does anyone have experience.
> I'm flying to a new time zone, staying 2 nights and 3 days.
> carol

Good for you!!!  I'm sure you must be a bit anxious after all this time, but it's
still a great thing.  What kind of advice are you looking for?  There are many of us
here with solitary travel experience.

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