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[IP] gastroparesis or?

Does anyone on the list, who had problems with there stomach upper
and/or lower get worse as there bg levels got better?
I did have sever gastroparesis within only 3 months after diagnosis and
was on propulsid and metoclopramide (generic name) at alternating
intervals. I quite taking both because side effects are pretty bad.
Since I was maintaining my weight I though all was well. Now food is a
battle but I don't have the feeling of fullness like with gastroparesis
or the low bg after eating, just pain and feeling bad until a couple
hours after I eat. I have almost completely put protein and fat out of
my diet and am looking at getting those in liquid drinks again. Even
those are problem some now. I am not having any high peaks after meals,
and no extreme lows or highs, in fact my A1C has come down from 14 to 8
in the firs 4 months after pumping. I really,  really, do not want to
make the doctor rounds again, I am enjoying immensely only seeing them
once a month or so. Any ideas from the collective list geniuses? :0)
Thanks and Take Care

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