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[IP] Saline or Not

My training plan included saline for 3 days.  My CDE observed the initial insertion of the infusion set with saline.  She required an 'at home' insertion for practice wotiout professional help ( nerve thing I guess).  On 'going live' day we inserted with insulin and discussed basil rates and changes, boluses, and other important stuff for about 6 hours, testing every hour.  She preferred we not drive the first day.  After leaving the training, we reported via telephone within 2 hours, 6 hours, and thrice a day for the next 3 days.  We then went to once a day and then once a week via fax and a return telephone call from her for adjustment suggestions for the next 3 weeks
I do not regret the saline routine but believe I could have gone live the first day.  I wore the pump without tubing for a week and simulated boluses and basils.  The practice helped. 
Good luck with the pump.  I've been pumping for 6 weeks and could kick myself for not switching long ago.