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Re: [IP] Something worse than DKA

> Very few Type 2's will ever experience this, 

This one good thing.  I am glad that only a few ever see this first 
hand.  This makes me glad that we have the symptoms of DKA so 
we can atleast catch it early.

> A type 2 will develop this kind of coma 

One thing is that not all type IIs that get this are in a coma state.  
HNKS (or HHNK) does not always produce coma just SEVERE 
high BG and dehydration.

> And it's a good thing that most of us will never experience it, because
> the mortality rate is about 50%. 

Also (I know all sources are different)  mortality is higher than DKA 
which is at 5-10%, where HHNK is at 15-20%.  According to the 
books we are reading threw.


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